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Other Notes

  • VIVAT International, NGO in the U.N.

    Vivat International is a NGO founded by seven Catholic  missionary congregations to defend human rights, justice and peace inside the U.N.  This year, VIVAT made important contributions to the Sustainable Development Assembly (CDS) and this article attempts to help us to understand the scope of this new mission field that lies before us. Read More
  • Meeting of the MAVD Lay Missionaries with Fr. Heinz

    We were in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico) with some of the coordinators of the Lay Missionaries of MAVD and we asked them what impressions they had got of Fr. General Heinz during his recent visit to Mexico? Read More
  • Our Mission through Education and Research

    One of the Congregational Directions concerns our mission through education and research institutions (IDW 11: 14-15). It calls on the provinces, regions, and missions that choose this as one of their priorities ad extra to “evaluate their education policies, institutions and programs with a special concern for the Catholic character of the institution, social justice and interculturality.” Read More
  • We view leadership as "a commitment to serve"

    In some provinces/regions and missions in the Society, for the triennium 2014-2017, new superiors and councilors are assuming their role of leadership for the first time. They are commissioned with the noble task to interact, dialogue and collaborate with the 6,000 SVD members working in 76 countries. Read More
  • Workshop for the New SVD Provincials

    The Workshop for the New Provincials of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) concluded this July 5, 2014 at the Mass celebrated by the Superior General, Fr. Heinz Kuluke SVD at the Centro Ad Gentes Chapel in Nemi, Italy. Read More
  • 2014 Priestly Ordinations in Techny, USC

    Most Reverend J. Terry Steib, SVD, bishop of Memphis, ordained three members of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) on Saturday, May 24, at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Techny, Ill. Read More
  • Indigenous Pastoral in Mexico

    The SVD in Mexico has recently taken the responsibility of a second parish in the Diocese of Chiapas. We asked Fr. Carlos Salcedo, SVD about the characteristics of this new mission and the SVD commitment in that region? Read More
  • Seven young men profess Vows as SVD Missionaries

    On Saturday, August 16, 2014 in the Holy Spirit Chapel in Techny, Illinois, seven young men professed theirs First Vows as Divine Word Missionaries. Read More
  • Bible Workshop in California

    The Bible Workshop organized by the Bible Ministry team (Ministerio Biblico Verbo Divino - MBVD) in California under the leadership of Joe Scott and Roberto Flores was a great success. Read More
  • Ministering in the Witch Camps in Northern Ghana

    Asuncion Vazquez is a Divine Word Missionary seminarian originally from Paraguay, who is participating as a part of his formation, in a program entitled Cross-Cultural Training Program (CTP).  Asuncion chose to complete his year of missionary practice in Ghana, West Africa and he shares with us an interesting experience. Read More
  • Our new Zonal Coordinator

    Marcelo Cattanéo svd, is our new Zonal Coordinator PANAM and share with us his experience of the recent meeting of Provincials and Formators of the South & Andina subzones. We have also the agenda for the next Panam meetings. Read More
  • Giving one’s body and soul in the peripheries

    From the missionary agenda of Pope Francis one can derive the right attitude towards the peripheries, an intrinsic subject of Christian theology. The God of Jesus, the Divine Word, incarnates from the geographical, social and existential peripheries of His time. Read More
  • Waking Up the World

    To celebrate the religious vocation and to mark its importance for the church, Pope Francis has declared the year 2015 as the Year of Consecrated Life, starting in November 21, 2014 and concluding on February 2, 2016. Read More
  • The poor evangelize us (SVD High Schools of Chile)

    Every Saturday night, young students of our Divine Word High School of Los Angeles, go out to share a hot meal and a nice conversation with the homeless of this Chilean city. Read More
  • Missionary Week in Schools of ARS

    The Southern Province of our congregation in Argentina developed its missionary work in two major areas: parishes and schools. As for the schools, we have six large institutions with a long history and prestigious tradition of good education. Read More
  • Summer missions revive the Christian communities

    Summer holidays in Argentina are quite long. However, these summer months are suitable for carrying out an evangelizing mission with youth, especially during the months of January and February. Read More
  • The Experience of Learning a new language and culture

    Seminarian Raymond Asagdem, SVD was born in Wiaga, Ghana. As part of his formation, he began the Cross-Cultural Training Program (CTP) in 2013 and traveled to Bolivia.  He writes here about his first year in another new culture. Read More
  • 2014 Priestly Ordinations in Techny, USC (2)

    Most Reverend J. Terry Steib, SVD, bishop of Memphis, ordained three members of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) on Saturday, May 24, at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Techny, Ill. Read More
  • Minutes of the Meeting of PANAM Zonal Committee in Colombia

    In the city of Medellin, on the third day of November 2014, the PANAM Zonal Committee met. Fr. Emigdio, Superior Provincial of Colombia, welcomes our confreres. Read More
  • Novices Make 30-Day Retreat

    The eight novices departed Techny on Sunday, December 28, headed to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, where they will make their 30-day retreat under the direction of Sister of Notre Dame de Namur Catherine Griffiths and our confreres Walter Bracken and Walter Miller, beginning on January 2. Read More
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Priestly Ordination - Fr Ailton Lopes SVD in Brasil

A call and a response. Among the people: a mission. Priestly ordination of Fr. Ailton Lopes Rodrigues SVD. 11/29/2014

Our youth are being killed - estadísticas

30,000 young people are killed yearly in Brazil. The more shocking of this statistic, is the indifference of other people. We want to see our youth alive!  Please, sign up our manifesto!