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Other Notes

  • SVD-SSpS Collaboration

    The Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit are currently having their 14th General Chapter in Steyl from 27 April to 31 May, 2014. Their theme is: Empowered by the Spirit Sharing the Good News Among Peoples, with the focus on Jesus’ mission as our mission. Read More
  • Meeting of the MAVD Lay Missionaries with Fr. Heinz

    We were in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico) with some of the coordinators of the Lay Missionaries of MAVD and we asked them what impressions they had got of Fr. General Heinz during his recent visit to Mexico? Read More
  • Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization

    The Ordinary General Assembly will formulate appropriate pastoral guidelines for care of the family in 2015. As SVDs, we need to understand the dynamics affecting families in our pastoral ministry (ad extra) and in our SVD community as a family (ad intra). Read More
  • We view leadership as "a commitment to serve"

    In some provinces/regions and missions in the Society, for the triennium 2014-2017, new superiors and councilors are assuming their role of leadership for the first time. They are commissioned with the noble task to interact, dialogue and collaborate with the 6,000 SVD members working in 76 countries. Read More
  • Father General on a visit to ECU

    Over a twelve day period from February 28 - March 12, 2014, our General Superior, Fr. Heinz Kulueke visited Ecuador, an SVD province blessed with enthusiastic young confreres. He visited several places where our confreres work, and met with them in their respective districts listening to their interests and concerns in their apostolate. Read More
  • Leadership workshop in Paraguay

    On May 12-15, 2014 the South Subzone of PANAM organized a workshop for provincial superiors, their respective councils and district superiors. Read More
  • Workshop for the New SVD Provincials

    The Workshop for the New Provincials of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) concluded this July 5, 2014 at the Mass celebrated by the Superior General, Fr. Heinz Kuluke SVD at the Centro Ad Gentes Chapel in Nemi, Italy. Read More
  • 125 Years of the SVD in Argentina

    This year marks the 125th anniversary of the arrival of the first SVD to Argentina (1889-2014). Our confreres thank God for so many years planting the Word of God and would like to celebrate this event with their parishioners, educators and pastoral communities. Read More
  • New SVD Parish in the state of Chiapas ( MEX )

    The next June 12 , the Divine Word Missionaries assume this new parish of San José , located in Playas de Catazajá - in northern Chiapas. This parish has a population of 35,000 inhabitants, most of them from indigenous ' Ch'ol ' and mestizo roots. The new pastor, Fr. Carlos Salcedo SVD is assuming this new challenge. Read More
  • 2014 Priestly Ordinations in Techny, USC

    Most Reverend J. Terry Steib, SVD, bishop of Memphis, ordained three members of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) on Saturday, May 24, at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Techny, Ill. Read More
  • Seven young men profess Vows as SVD Missionaries

    On Saturday, August 16, 2014 in the Holy Spirit Chapel in Techny, Illinois, seven young men professed theirs First Vows as Divine Word Missionaries. Read More
  • Vocational promotion meeting in Monteria, Colombia

    The second vocational meeting took place this year in the parish of "Jesus Obrero" of  Monteria, from May 31 to June 2, 2014. Read More
  • Radio broadcasts program celebrates 55 years in Chile

    When Television broadcasts had begun in Chile and some people expected the decline of the radio, the radio broadcasts program "Peace and Love" aired for the first time. It was a Sunday, on September 6, 1959. Read More
  • Bible Workshop in California

    The Bible Workshop organized by the Bible Ministry team (Ministerio Biblico Verbo Divino - MBVD) in California under the leadership of Joe Scott and Roberto Flores was a great success. Read More
  • Ministering in the Witch Camps in Northern Ghana

    Asuncion Vazquez is a Divine Word Missionary seminarian originally from Paraguay, who is participating as a part of his formation, in a program entitled Cross-Cultural Training Program (CTP).  Asuncion chose to complete his year of missionary practice in Ghana, West Africa and he shares with us an interesting experience. Read More
  • Our new Zonal Coordinator

    Marcelo Cattanéo svd, is our new Zonal Coordinator PANAM and share with us his experience of the recent meeting of Provincials and Formators of the South & Andina subzones. We have also the agenda for the next Panam meetings. Read More
  • Staff meeting of Divine Word Edition House in Bolivia

    Continuing previous encounters, the National Staff meeting of Employees of the Divine Word Edition House of Bolivia was performed from 22 to 24 August, 2014. Read More
  • Giving one’s body and soul in the peripheries

    From the missionary agenda of Pope Francis one can derive the right attitude towards the peripheries, an intrinsic subject of Christian theology. The God of Jesus, the Divine Word, incarnates from the geographical, social and existential peripheries of His time. Read More
  • October: SVD Brotherhood Month

    Every October, we celebrate the Brotherhood vocation; and October 15 is the Brother Vocation Promotion Day for us.  We are happy to spotlight this month a couple of stories at about Divine Word Missionary Brothers. Read More
  • Superior General’s Visit to Colombia

    It was an eleven day trip for Fr. General to visit the Province of Colombia in last February 2014. His days were spent meeting our confreres in their places of work including their counterparts, as well as lay leaders, youth and children parishioners. Read More
  • Waking Up the World

    To celebrate the religious vocation and to mark its importance for the church, Pope Francis has declared the year 2015 as the Year of Consecrated Life, starting in November 21, 2014 and concluding on February 2, 2016. Read More
  • The poor evangelize us (SVD High Schools of Chile)

    Every Saturday night, young students of our Divine Word High School of Los Angeles, go out to share a hot meal and a nice conversation with the homeless of this Chilean city. Read More
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125th anniversary of the SVD in Argentina

On October 23, 2014, we'll celebrate the 125th anniversary of arrival of the first SVD missionaries to Argentine (1889-2014). This video was made on the occasion of this feast of the SVD in Argentina.  Fr. José Luis Corral, ARS Sup. Provincial (subtitles in English)

Live it - Musical

A song by Martin Valverde and the Divine Word Biblical Center of Ecuador for living the Word of God in our lives (in Spanish).