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Fr. Carlos Eduardo Betancur, Coordinator of Biblical Apostolate of COL gives an update of the direction, goals and activities of SERBIVE, Servicio Biblico del Verbo Divino. The following is an extract of this report.

The SEVIBE today

SEVIBE has valuable support from the bookstores of the Editorial Verbo Divino in Bogota and Medellin as they work together to produce the training material and offer Bibles at low cost. It should also be noted that the source of the content of the biblical materials in SEBIVE is the SVD Biblical Center of Quito, Ecuador.

As an objective SEVIBE promotes community reading of the Bible among people who wish to study and later promote schools of formation in the Word of God through an inclusive and popular participatory methodology.  Such an objective is aimed for pastoral agents, catechists, leaders of ecclesial communities, religious, priests and people interested in forming biblical groups, preferably in local sectors.

Promoting schools of formation

SEVIBE organizes training courses twice a year and "in sitio" workshops where they request them. A web page is at everybody’s disposal:    There is a team of SVDs and lay people that carries out programs.  They have an office and the team works in close collaboration with Editorial Verbo Divino bookstores for the acquisition of biblical materials. Up to January 2018 about twenty five biblical formation sessions have been held with participation of more than a thousand pastoral agents, including participants of evangelical churches that have accepted this proposal.

Some formation weeks have been carried out under the auspices of the Congregation and the Editorial Verbo Divino Foundation at low cost for people from local sectors. Another important task of SEVIBE is the sale of didactic and pedagogical biblical materials. At this moment the SEBIVE team is made up of our confreres Mateo Alejandro, Pablo Gbortsu and Carlos Betancur, and Alberto Klein, from the Editorial Verbo Divino Foundation. Two lay collaborators are also involved in the seminars and training sessions.

--- Fr. Carlos Betancur, SVD

Published in the newsletter “Arnoldus Nota” – March 2018

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