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This year is the 22nd edition of the COW since its inception in 1996, and there are fourteen participants.

Over 300 members of the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters and Divine Word Missionaries in North America, which include Canada, the U.S., and the Caribbean, have gone through this program.

This number consists of those who arrive for their missions and the students who come for higher studies in the U.S. The COW topics are about people, money, and customs which are essential elements of any culture. Fr. Tom Ascheman, SVD sets the tone for the COW by talking about how the process of a cultural orientation takes place in general, more specifically in the American context.

Then Fr. Roger Schroeder and Sr. Mary Miller, SSpS share how mindfulness of sexuality and gender role become significant factors in one’s attitude moving from one’s own culture to another new and different one. Sr. Judy SSpS and Fr. Sam Cunningham, SVD take these topics to a more practical context by looking closely at how ordinary Americans deal with sexuality and gender relationships in everyday life.

Being aware of the legal issues and sexual abuse policy is an absolute requirement for every COW participant. Sr. Betty Tranel, SSpS, Fr. Adam MacDonald, SVD, and Fr. Mark Weber, SVD have been excellent in handling this topic. Since the Church in America has gone through a significant demographic change in the last decades, it has been an exciting topic of discussion.

Fr. Steve Bevans, SVD graciously shares his expertise and experience in this regard. Then, to make it more contextual to our SVD and SSpS mission in the U.S., Bro. Rodney Bowers, SVD presents a brief history of the role of Brothers in the SVD history in North America and how we became involved in the African American Apostolate, alongside the presentation of the history and mission of SSpS by Sr. Priscilla Burke, SSpS.

Overall, the COW has been instrumental in preparing our newly arrived sisters and brothers for their missions. It implements well the mission statement of the Chicago Province to welcome and introduce our members for their ministries. The one-week program of COW concludes when Fr. Edward Peklo, SVD puts the whole COW process into a spiritual perspective through his presentation entitled “Life-giving Passover.”

--- Fr. Lukas Batmomolin, SVD -Superior Delegatus

Published in the newsletter “Arnoldus Nota” – June 2018

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