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Jorge Faliszek, SVD was recently appointed Director of the National Mission Office in Argentina. He explains to us what that function consists of.

“I greet you cordially from Jujuy, where I am finishing my brief stint at the College of El Salvador. I have no doubt that you have already heard about my new appointment for five years at the OMP Argentina, based in Buenos Aires.

I want to share my first impressions and feelings that involve some changes in my daily missionary journey. Following the example of the disciples of Emmaus, I want to tell you what happens to me on the way.

During the National Missionary Congress of Neuquén... I found the Lord! Once again, in my life I heard the call. A new call… during the trip, the Secretary of the Episcopal Conference of Argentina called me and told me that for several hours the Apostolic Nuncio had been looking for me everywhere until I was finally found ....

And here I am, very grateful to God and to many people, and confident in the grace of God whose call is always accompanied by the promise of his presence and help. Many people ask me what my "new job" consists of. It seems to me that some are discovering the existence of the Pontifical Missionary Office. For example, the students of the College who make up the IAM or a Missionary group, never imagined that they are related to this institution of the Church.

To the question of the children about the meaning of the title "Director of OMP", I answered them in the following way:

- "Director" - is the word that is little used in our missionary vocabulary. It is not found in the Gospels. In some areas this word speaks about power, while for us it is an invitation to service. I told the children to pray for me so that the director's smoke never rises to my head. One of the pillars of missionary spirituality is the ability to be a brother for all.

- "Works" - the Lord invites us to work in his vineyard. He himself went through our land "doing well". We are invited to be instruments in the missionary work, the great work of God.

- "Missionaries" - the OMP were born as a result of the missionary awakening of the Church of the nineteenth century. Among its founders there are many lay people who are passionate about the Gospel. These people remind us that all the baptized have a mission. And even more. Pope Francis invites us to "be missionaries" for others. That is, the mission is at the center of our life.

- "Pontifical" - is the term related to the person of the Pope. However, it is worth finding its true meaning, that of "making bridges". How nice it is to build the bridges and no walls! The mission can be compared with the construction of bridges, when we go out to meet the other, when we pray for others, or take a solidary action.

To finish, I want to express to you that I'm still a SVD missionary (and very proud to be one!). I only have to live in a diaspora. That's why I ask: Do not leave me alone! For my part, I want to assure you that with joy I will return to offer my humble contribution to the missionary animation of your parishes and schools as I did a short time ago from the missionary secretariat”.

In the love of God One and Triune.

Jorge Faliszek, SVD

Published in the bulletin "Eisdeseis" of ARS - Dec. 2017

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