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On March 10 and 11, in the House of Spirituality of the Missionaries Servants of the Holy Spirit of Rafael Calzada-Buenos Aires, the first workshop and meeting of the Board of Directors of Vivat Argentina took place this year 2018.

The meeting combined a Workshop on Trafficking in Persons and Gender Violence, with the driving space of the Board of Directors. The workshop was animated by the slogan "No to trafficking in persons and gender violence. Let's take care of Life! ". That will animate the Annual Campaign of Vivat Argentina. On Saturday 10 we shared the opening prayer and motivation from a trigger that encouraged us to "review the order of things", through which we discovered the socio-cultural framework in which our interpersonal relationships occur.

We address the issue of "trafficking in persons" - the slavery of the 21st century, from the presentation of the Kawsay Network - CONFAR. For this, Brother Jorge Walder (Marist) and Sr. Marie Solange (Daughters of Charity-Saint Vincent de Paul). During the day both shared a frame of reference for the problem, providing a broader view on the various aspects of trafficking in persons.

Audio visual material led us to several elements linked to the recruitment and recruitment of victims, the various expressions of trafficking for the purpose of sexual and labor exploitation, sale of organs, and others. At another time, the legal framework was addressed through the "Palermo Protocol", law 26,364 and its amendment to law 26842 (2012). At the same time, a protocol for intervention in situations of trafficking and the number of emergencies 145 was shared for the intervention of police and justice authorities. At the end of this moment we shared a moment of celebration, in which we rescued the figure of Santa Josefina Bakita, who from her own history of subjugation is today the patron of those who live in situations of slavery and subjugation.

In a second moment we addressed the theme of "Gender Violence" from the presentation of the Home of Transit Ntra. Sra. Del Milagro of the Association A hand that helps, through the presentation of Sister. Paulina Oviedo (Sisters of Saint Joseph of -Cuneo), together with the Psychological Consultant Pablo and the testimony of Lidia Avellaneda.

The theme of gender violence is widespread in our communities and close experiences. The workshop proposed us to start from our sensitivity towards the subject. This sensitivity that allows us to overcome the constructed visions of the patriarchal paradigm that naturalizes or judges situations of violence.

At another time in a group work, we share our own family, social / community frameworks and the possibilities of advocacy. Finally we share a moment of prayer around the image of the stooped woman who approaches Jesus and touches her cloak, overcomes her evil. At the end of the day we shared a celebration of the Eucharist in which we shared all the shared experiences during the day and represented our contribution in the "change of the order of things".

During the day of Sunday 11 we began with a biblical reflection on the rights of women. Then we move forward in planning the strategy of the 2018 Annual Campaign, building elements that contribute to the visibility and installation of the theme in areas of parish, educational and socio-community pastoral linked to the presence of Vivat members, as well as others broader spheres both ecclesial and socially.

Grateful for the enriching experience, we now propose to disseminate and share the contents and experiences of these two days of training.

Br. Victor Hirch - SVD-ARS

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