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This SVD Education meeting was held in the Spirituality Center Our Lady of Fatima in Misiones, Argentina, from 26 to 28 October, 2017.

Delegations from five SVD provinces that have educational initiatives in the Southern Cone of the Americas, and with around 55 participants among religious and laity, a new edition of the Education Meeting was held.

The meeting began with the presentation by the Education Coordinator of the Pan-American Zone, Sergio Edwards svd, and the words of the Coordinator of the PANAM zone, Marcelo Cattáneo svd.

The Divine Word Missionaries animate educational initiatives in Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Brazil, with centennial institutions and other more recent ones, from tertiary education institutes, as rural and bilingual initiatives in aboriginal communities.

The first educational initiative of the Congregation was precisely in Argentina. It was the San José School, in the city of Esperanza, Santa Fe, inaugurated in 1891, to provide education to the children of German speaking immigrants.

On the opening day of this Education meeting, the coordinator of the educational area, Fr. Sergio Edwards svd (from Chile), welcomed the participants and shared the objective of the meeting. Subsequently, a presentation of the participants was made by religious provinces, making a tour of the educational centers and their characteristics. On Thursday, the 26th, in the afternoon, we shared the initiative of "articulation of the SVD education" animated by the Argentine South Province, in charge of Br. Víctor Hirch svd. 

In the presentation, reference was made to the process of animation of the Educational coordination team since 2011, as well as to other initiatives that emerged from it: the annual Training meetings for SVD Directors, meetings of School guidance teams, the Virtual course "Marked with fire" for training in the SVD charism.

At another time, mention was made of the challenges facing the process, among which stood out: consolidate the process, generate institutionality, promote greater lay participation, and generate coordination structures.

In another moment, the educational activity of the Province of Argentina was presented, where in addition the presence of more than 80 years of the Roque González School in the city of Posadas, as well as other educational works associated with the charism, arising from initiatives of the Divine Word Missionaries: for instance the Schools of the Agricultural Family (EFAs), with 23 educational initiatives with the modality of alternation and administered by Commissions of parents. The "Fr. José Marx svd "and the" Villa Cabello "Foundation, are animated by Missionaries of the Divine Word and are legal responsible for various educational initiatives in the province of Misiones-Argentina.

On the other hand, there was a space to learn more about the educational works animated by the Missionaries of the Divine Word in Paraguay, where the Congregation encourages schools in Asunción, Encarnación, Canindeyú, La Paloma.  In Paraguay, the SVD education combines the presence in the capital city with the presence also in rural areas, with educational initiatives for the rural population, with a diversity of commitments.

Then, we shared the educational presence of the Missionaries of the Divine Word in North Brazil. With a centenary educational presence, and in recent years, a greater cooperation and shared work between the two tertiary vocational training institutions and four educational institutions of the initial, primary and secondary cycles has been redefined. The experience of administrative management is extremely valuable and significant from the generation of goals and objectives and with an increasing professionalism. When evening comes, we share the Eucharist in a climate of great fraternity.

During the second day, we shared the presentation of the educational reality of the Congregation of the Divine Word in Chile. The Congregation arrived in Chile in 1900 and since then has developed an educational activity in Santiago, Chile, Los Angeles, Puerto Varas and La Florida.

In two subsequent moments, the process of "administrative cooperation and educational management" animated in the Northern Brazil province was deepened, with the presentation of Jan Czujak svd, Econome of the SVD-BRN. At another time, we reflected on the "foundations, corporations and legal entities" responsible for educational management. Based on the different existing structures, as well as the legal frameworks of each country.

In the last part of the day there was an evaluation of the activities carried out, with a lot of appreciation for the space that allowed knowing the educational initiatives animated by the Congregation of the Divine Word in the Southern Cone, as well as also discover the initiatives of Formation, as of Management that are realized in the religious provinces around the SVD Education.

During the evaluation the organizers and hosts were thanked for their disposition and the generation of the space of dialogue and sharing. It was agreed to carry out annual coordination instances, as larger spaces of animation and biannual formation. At the end of the days, the Eucharist was shared and sent to our educational works. On Saturday, participants were able to visit the Roque González School and the initiative of the Villa Cabello Foundation, in the city of Posadas.

Br. Víctor Hirch SVD

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List of SVD Educational Institutions in the Southern Cone of Americas


1- Roque Gonzales College, Posadas-Misiones
2- UnEFAM (23 Rural Schools with special programs) – Misiones
3- “Villa Cabello” Foundation (with 8 Educational Centers) – Misiones
4- “Fr. José Marx svd” Foundation - (2 Rural Schools) – Misiones


1- San José College, Esperanza-Santa Fe
2- Guadalupe College – Buenos Aires
3- Del Salvador College – Jujuy
4- Cristo Rey Educational Center– Córdoba
5- José Manuel Estrada Educational Center, Rafael Calzada -Buenos Aires
6 –Verbo Divino College, Pilar-Buenos Aires


1- Arnaldo Janssen Faculties – Belo Horizonte-MG
2- ITESP – Institute of Teologia – São Paulo-SP
3- Cristo Redentor College – Juiz de Fora-MG
4- Centro de Ensino Superior – Juiz de Fora-MG
5- Arnaldo College – Belo Horizonte-MG
6- Verbo Divino College– Barra Mansa-RJ


1- Verbo Divino College– Santiago
2- Espíritu Santo College of the Verbo Divino – La Florida
3- Germania College of the Verbo Divino – Puerto Varas
4- Verbo Divino College (Chicureo) – Colina
5- Liceo Alemán del Verbo Divino – Los Ángeles


1- Verbo Divino College – Asunción
2- San Roque González College de Santa Cruz – Encarnación
3- San Blas College – Obligado
4- Escuela Agrícola San Benito – Pastoreo
5- Family Educational Center Agrícola (CEFA) – Curuguaty

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