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From April 20-22 lay representatives from SVD parishes and some SVDs gathered for a meeting held in Aracaju, Sergipe.

The forty-three participants, among them ten SVDs, met together to strengthen cooperation and good relations among those involved in the parishes.

The theme chosen for the occasion was “The SVD charism at the service of the Church in cooperation with the lay people.” Since it was also the Year of the Laity, the meeting was inspired by the Document #105 of Conferencia Nacional Dos Bispos Do Brasil (CNBB) which focuses on Lay Christian men and women in the Church and Society.

The gathering included sharing, prayer sessions, and biblical reflections among others. The symbols of the light and salt were used to reinforce the role of the laity in the Church. The different parishes of the Subzone Brazil also discussed and planned for the coming Lay Congress to be held in Santa Isabel, Espirito Santo in July 2019.

The celebration of the Holy Eucharist highlighted the event. The participants returned to their home parishes motivated and inspired by the SVD charism and their role as lay men and women in their local Christian communities.

--- Bro. Alfonso Berger

Reflection on SVD spirituality and the role of the Laity in Juquiá-SP (BRC)

A meeting of the lay SVD associates of the parishes of Litoral District was held on April 21, 2018, in Juquiá-SP, in the Novitiate House. This meeting had already been planned since last year and had been reinforced at the first meeting of the district that was attended by the laity in Iguape-SP earlier this year. 

For this meeting the representatives were led by the couple Nelson Tysky and Irani who came from Sao Paulo. They presented the theme "SVD Spirituality and the Vocation to Holiness of the People of God." Nelson and Irani led the participants to deepen their reflection on their work within their communities and society as "salt of the earth and light of the world."  Some of the points of Document 105 of the CNBB on the challenges of the world now, as well as the vocation and role of the laity, were raised in the group discussion. The meeting ended with a mission sending and a lunch prepared by the novices.


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Arnoldus Nota News Service - november 2020

This month's issue of Arnoldus Nota offers a Special Report that reflects and provides insights on the Formation and Educational Institutions' journey during the pandemic. Though our formation and pastoral education have been compromised, our confreres involved in these ministries allowed themselves to think and act out of the box and face the new normal. We also have news regarding our initiatives and commitments from our Society's four zones, reflecting our characteristic dimensions. Despite all the challenges and the pandemic's continuing impact, we continue to be missionaries in the field.
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Reflection on Mission # 9 on Intercultural Missionaries

This is our month’s spiritual reflection on the General Chapter Document about our identity as Intercultural Missionaries, with the inspiring words of our General Counsellor, Br Guy Mazola, SVD. Enjoy this reflection.
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