Following the example of Jesus, as Divine Word Missionaries, we make an option for the poor and the marginalized and commit ourselves to the Afro-Americans and the Indigenous. We establish dialogue with all who sincerely search for God, or who belong to different cultures, religions or ideologies. We wish to live our diverse socio-cultural realities in an attitude of 'Prophetic Dialogue', giving witness to the Word of God (Biblical Apostolate); working for Justice, Peace and the integrity of creation JPIC , stimulating the missionary vocation of all God’s People (Missionary awareness) and communicating the experience of encounter with the other person and with a God who is Father and Savior (Communication).

We give special emphasis to the Characteristic dimensions of the SVD Apostolate, that is: Missionary Awareness, Communications, Bible Apostolate, and the promotion of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation. These dimensions are characteristic of our missionary work. We see dialogue as an act of solidarity, respect and love which should be present in all our activities (G.C. XV-2000 # 53). We respectfully appreciate the dignity of every person and of every people and culture. In solidarity with them, dialogue becomes prophetic when it is guided by listening to God's word which illuminates our everyday situations and highlights the injustices which exist in human society (In Dialogue with the Word Nº 2 - "Prophetic Dialogue" # 74).


Nearly 90 years ago, the SVD opened St. Augustine Seminary at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. For decades, it was the only place an African American man could study for the priesthood. Mr. Len Uhal, our National Vocation Director for the Divine Word Missionaries in the USA, explains the history.​

In the month of the Bible, Fr. Godinho Odenilson Guimaraes , Biblical coordinator SVD of Bolivia, shares his first experiences of sharing the Word of God with the people of God.

From May 27th to June 1st of this year, 36 religious women and men representing 24 congregations and 12 nationalities, including several of the congregations of VIVAT International, met in Tarata, Cochabamba in Bolivia for this workshop.

On the religious level, Europe has ceased being the continent with the largest number of Christians and vocations. The weight and strength of Christianity are now more in the South. The recent election of Pope Francis, the first non-European pope since the eighth century, is an eloquent sign of this shift. So what is our mission today in Europe?

The SVD coordinators of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation(JPIC) and some Sisters SSpS of Paraguay and Bolivia, we gathered together in Cochabamba, (Bolivia) on January 23 to 28th,2011, to encourage and strengthen our commitment in this essential dimension. 

The workshop took place on October 24-28, 2010 at the conference center of the Divine Word Missionaries in Quito, Ecuador. Thirty-one women and men religious from seven institutes, serving in nine countries, took part.

The Vatican launched an iPhone application last year, and it chose a Divine Word missionary, Fr. Michael Manning svd, to deliver the daily app's inspirational message. A new way to evangelize?

The triennial meeting of Communication coordinators was held in Cochabamba ( Bolivia), where the coordinators were able to reaffirm once again the importance of this dimension as a characteristic field of the SVD mission.