Following the example of Jesus, as Divine Word Missionaries, we make an option for the poor and the marginalized and commit ourselves to the Afro-Americans and the Indigenous. We establish dialogue with all who sincerely search for God, or who belong to different cultures, religions or ideologies. We wish to live our diverse socio-cultural realities in an attitude of 'Prophetic Dialogue', giving witness to the Word of God (Biblical Apostolate); working for Justice, Peace and the integrity of creation JPIC , stimulating the missionary vocation of all God’s People (Missionary awareness) and communicating the experience of encounter with the other person and with a God who is Father and Savior (Communication).

We give special emphasis to the Characteristic dimensions of the SVD Apostolate, that is: Missionary Awareness, Communications, Bible Apostolate, and the promotion of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation. These dimensions are characteristic of our missionary work. We see dialogue as an act of solidarity, respect and love which should be present in all our activities (G.C. XV-2000 # 53). We respectfully appreciate the dignity of every person and of every people and culture. In solidarity with them, dialogue becomes prophetic when it is guided by listening to God's word which illuminates our everyday situations and highlights the injustices which exist in human society (In Dialogue with the Word Nº 2 - "Prophetic Dialogue" # 74).


Fr. Carlos Eduardo Betancur, Coordinator of Biblical Apostolate of COL gives an update of the direction, goals and activities of SERBIVE, Servicio Biblico del Verbo Divino. The following is an extract of this report.

The Lunar New Year, Year of the Dog, was celebrated in many of our parishes and communities in San Francisco and throughout California.

This year is the 22nd edition of the COW since its inception in 1996, and there are fourteen participants.

The annual Meeting of the PANAM zone committee of the Divine Word missionaries was held on November 09 to 13, 2018 at Ciudad del Este, in Paraguay.

The Society of the Divine Word actively participated in the recent Amazon Synod. Fr. José Boeing from BRA (nominated by the Union of Superiors General) and Fr. Michael Heinz (representing Adveniat, German Bishops’ Conference) participated in the Synod sessions.

As part of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Pastoral for the Indigenous of Conferencia Episcopal Paraguaya (CEP,) an International Congress was held from September 26 to 28, 2019, at the premises of the Metropolitan Ex Seminary.

Catholics in Jamaica started the year 2020 with a new spiritual resource.