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Roberto Gallardo, SVD is the new Coordinator of Communication in the PANAM zone. Here, Roberto outlines the current situation of this dimension in the Americas.

From the founding generation, we can discover the interest imbedded in our congregation for development through the characteristic dimension of Communication, be it through the use of the means of communication or through the interest shown in creating fraternal relationships among the communities of missionaries. The characteristic dimension of Communication in the SVD PANAM Zone is implicitly manifested in our missionary, spiritual and pastoral identity.

"The Word was made flesh, and revealed the glory of the Father" (Jn. 1, 14)

As a starting point for this outline of the current situation of Communication, and as a characteristic dimension in our PANAM Zone, permit me to present the same document shared during our Workshop on Characteristic Dimensions in Quito, Ecuador at the beginning of this year.

It is worth noting that all PRM (Provinces, Regions and Missions) had their Coordinator/Secretary of Communication. From this, we can deduce that in our PRM, there is the interest of working and strengthening this trademark of the SVD missionary family. There is also the professionalization and specialization of confreres dedicated to this dimension which further shows concern and interest with being more apt and efficient in the responsibility received.
More and more, we perceive with insistence the need for the support of our local superiors in order to push forward the initiatives proposed in this dimension. It is only when Communication is taken as a characteristic dimension of the missionary essence and duty, do we see the challenges and the consequent coherence of missionary testimony, which calls for more inter-dimensional activities that involve both confreres and lay faithful who work in our 4 characteristic dimensions.
In most of the PRM, we see the presence of Communication Media: radio, television, parish bulletins, social networks etc. Also, formative courses are offered to communicators and efforts are made to make communication as pure as possible through the solution of conflicts, talks on interpersonal relationships, etc.
Mention can be made of some concrete activities that have been realized in our dimension:
- Collaboration in editing, diagramming and diffusion of provincial bulletins, web pages and social networks.
- Elaboration and consultancy for missionary calendars.
- Organization and execution of workshops for communicators
- Recording and diffusion of Sunday Masses for the local Communication Media: "Mass at Home".
- Sunday missionary video-message on social network
- Support in the realization of the Year of Vocation on Provincial levels. The possibility of collaborating with the Zonal level was offered, the opportunity was created, but there have been no inputs.
- Elaboration of materials on the inter-dimensional level
- Collaboration and consultancy for publications (Magazines, Reviews, etc).
It is convenient to mention the challenges that this dimension faces on the Zonal PANAM level.
- To strengthen the interest and communication among the PRM coordinators of social communication.
- Healthy interest of our confreres in mission for the Characteristic Dimension of Social Communication.


Roberto Gallardo, SVD

Published in the new Bulletin "SVD Communication" of the Generalate-Dec.2016