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The mission secretaries have three main tasks: mission animation, taking care of the missionaries working abroad and collecting funds for missions.

In PANAM, among the sixteen mission secretaries, five of them work full time and the rest are part-time, having other responsibilities.

Report from the Mission Secretary, Paulo Narui Daisuke SVD

Some mission secretaries are doing very well with planned programs, mission visits and animation of groups and confreres. I am impressed with their enthusiasm, commitment and thirst to do animation and collect funds for missions.

For example, CHI province has taken a lot of initiatives to attract the youth with football matches, selling uniforms for football games with teams named after Janssen and Freinademetz.  MEX province has many programs with SVD lay partners. This group started thirty-four years ago and now, fully active with lay missionaries, is involved in lay formation and social commitments.

The collection of mission funds in the US is well done with well-coordinated initiatives. The energy level and enthusiasm are very high in this zone. The interest for mission animation and the seeking of new ways are very positive and encouraging.  The high point of this zone is lay participation and committed lay groups in the missions.

The challenges for mission animation are: devoting full time to this task, making it as the primary responsibility, forming lay groups, and animating them to become committed persons and missionary disciples. The road map for animation is to organize SVD lay partners in every province and region. At times, one has to recognize various types of lay partners such as lay collaborators, lay benefactors, lay helpers, lay associates and lay missionaries.

Each province has to develop programs in animating the lay people according to their context. The Society looks forward to SVD lay associations with statutes which would have some structure, planning and execution. Animation of lay people can be done by forming groups with regular orientation programs to inspire them with the SVD Spirituality.  Together with these, lay partners could be animated in the richness of prophetic dialogue, identifying their dialogue partners and working with the four characteristic dimensions in their lay groups.

When the lay partners get fully immersed in prophetic dialogue and the four characteristic dimensions, they could promote these important aspects in their parishes and their neighborhoods. A lot has already been done in this zone; still a lot more could be achieved.

Published in the newsletter “Arnoldus Nota”- April 2016