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Divine Word Missionaries are consecrated religious with vows of evangelical poverty, consecrated chastity and apostolic obedience, inspired by the life and the person of Jesus. The SVD Spirituality which we have inherited from our Founder, St. Arnold Janssen, is Trinitarian and missionary because it is rooted in the communion of the Triune God and is a participation in Christ’s mission (G. C. XVI 2006 -1.1# 13). As brothers and priests, we live together in fraternal communities in the image of the Trinity; nourished by the Word of God and the Eucharist we follow Jesus in the way of the gospel. Missionary Activity is therefore the reason for our existence and the objective we pursue in all our activities, however diverse they may be they should promote the fulfillment of this missionary commitment of the Church.

In the centenary year of the founding of the SVD, our founder St. Arnold Janssen was beatified by Pope Paul VI in 1975, together with our first missionary to China, St. Joseph Freinademetz . Both were canonized on October 5, 2003. St. Arnold Janssen is also the founder of two congregations of women: the Missionary Servants of the Holy Spirit founded in 1889 for active missionary work; today they number about 3,800 working in 35 different countries. In the year 1896 he founded the contemplative order, the Missionary Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration , today they number about 400 and are present in ten countries.

The 4th National Mission Congress of Brazil, promoted by the Pontifical Mission Societies (Pontificias Obras Missionarias – POM), in communion with the National Missionary Council (Comina) and the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife, was held between September 7-10 in Recife, Brazil.

Intercultural mission is the only kind of mission there is, and intercultural living the only kind of real life there is.

Listening to the young people can reinforce us SVDs in our ministry to and with them.

Father General, Heinz Kulüke, SVD explains how they are preparing the next General Chapter that will take place in 2018.

The basic idea of our action for systemic change is to influence decisions within political, economic and social systems to defend and support people and the environment where they are most vulnerable in the society. We call such activity “advocacy”.

In the convocation letter of the next General Chapter we wrote: “the objective of this Chapter is to foster a process of a spiritual rekindling, bringing us back to the Word of God as the source of our life, vocation, and mission and our religious missionary commitment.”

Participation with the laity has been an integral dimension of our Congregation's journey ever since its beginning. The history of our Society shows that our Founder, St. Arnold Janssen, had the vision to promote the worldwide mission, and for this he involved the laity. Since then, the laity has always been present in our life and mission service in various capacities.

The hope of our upcoming SVD General Chapter, according to the First Guide to Communal Reflection issued by our Generalate, is a “rekindling” of spirituality.