An SVD Brother is a religious called to put the Gospel into action through his daily work. His specific vocation is to be a "testimony" of the Gospel being committed to the Mission through his profession and skills. Making a summary of their meaningful contribution of the SVD Brothers to the life and mission of the Society, we could point out the following:
• Brothers remind the church in general and the Society in particular of our complementarity in mission. We are Brothers and Priests.
• Brothers by their life and work play a prophetic role in the Society and in the church. They remind us all of the common dignity and fundamental Brotherhood of Christians: “you are all Brothers” (Matt 23, 8).
• They keep alive the sense of authentic communion in our communities and our unity in diversity, which is expressed by their being consecrated laymen (c. 104).
• We should keep in mind that Brothers make a great contribution to mission - through their professional work, social services and pastoral ministry. Being laymen, Brothers should be able to reach out to the laity and the contemporary world.
• In addition, due to their different services and professions, Brothers contribute also to the self-reliance of the Society and keep its members aware of this issue. Also, in many SVD communities Brothers stand out because of their sense of welcoming, their participation in community life, and their spirit of prayer.
These are some good reasons to promote Brotherhood in the life and mission of our Society.

Every May, we celebrate the brotherhood vocation. We are happy to spotlight another story this month about Bro. Wayne Till, SVD, both from Bellevue, Iowa.

Every May, we celebrate the brotherhood vocation; and May 1st is Religious Brothers Day in the USA. We are happy to spotlight two stories this month about Bro. Larry Kieffer, SVD and Bro. Wayne Till, SVD, both from Bellevue, Iowa.

The first Panam Zonal on the SVD Brother met at the SVD Center in Suzano, a suburb of Sao Paulo, Brazil on the 21st of February 2018. The weekʼs intensive discussion (in at least three languages Portuguese, Spanish and English) related to the SVD Brother in todayʼs SVD world.

The U.S. Navy veteran and certified medical caregiver, turned missionary, Brother Mike Decker, present the story of his vocation.

As God’s gift to the Church, Brothers are called to bring renewal and vitality to the mission of the Church.

There are different kinds of Brothers. Some Brothers are monks and others are teachers. Some Brothers work in medicine and others paint or build houses for the poor. But Brothers cannot be defined by what they do; rather, they must be defined by who they are.

Every October, we celebrate the brotherhood vocation; and October 15 is Brother Vocation Promotion Day for us.

Bro. Carlos Ferrada Montero is a Chilean currently working in Loreto, Agusan del Sur on the island of Mindanao. The following are Bro. Carlos’ thoughts and reflections on his missionary experience.