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In Stella Maris, Entre Ríos, from January 24 to 27, this annual permanent formation meeting for SVD parishes was held. 86 laity and SVDs participated, representing 17 of the 19 parishes.

The theme was "Missionary Communities and Pastoral Conversion". The inspiring lines of the XVIII General Chapter of the Missionaries of the Divine Word and the ecclesial notes transmitted in the teaching and testimony of Pope Francis, helped us to:

- to deepen in the project and religious experience of Jesus;
-Recognize and thank so much wealth expressed in the way of our parish communities;
- to open ourselves to the Spirit that allows us to be challenged by new social and pastoral challenges; the same Spirit that impels us to mission from the ministerial level, that is, the different services and charisms;
-To go deeper into the ecclesial dynamic proposed by Pope Francis to strengthen or correct certain characteristics of our local church, always in the spirit of synodality;
-To show us the spirituality and the charism of the congregation of the Divine Word that represents a particular gift of the Spirit to our Church today.

From this encounter has emanated some inspiring lines for the whole SVD parishes and some strength lines for each district in particular. These lines will be tabulated, written and presented to the "Extended Leadership Team" (ELA) for approval.

We thank once again the staff and the SVD community of the retreat house of Stella Maris, and the "Provincial Parochial Animation Team" (EPAP), for giving us this motivational moment.