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Fr. Eduardo Porcheddu, SVD, is currently the parish priest of Saint Peter Parish in Cordoba, Argentina. Aside from his obligations in the parish he drives a remis, similar to Uber, to pick up passengers who have booked this service.

“I am working with the remis twice a week. I don’t have more time to spare because of the demanding nature of the parish. However, I like this challenge and this experience which is also a missionary opportunity, since I meet many people who don’t come to the parish”, quips Fr. Eduardo.

Fr. Eduardo shares that driving the remis gave him the possibility to meet what he calls his “dialogue partners.” Sometimes he has passengers that they hardly could pay the services. He says, “I can’t charge them.” “There was even a Mormon who invited me at the end of the trip to enter his house and there he gave me the Book of Mormon,” Fr. Eduardo recalls.

To illuminate his service, Fr. Eduardo recalls what Pope Francis said: “A Church that does not rise and go, gets sick.” One must always be on the road. The Spirit is the one who calls, guides and mobilizes. The parish priest-remis driver says, “I want to let the Spirit lead me, and I hope that the remis will be the vehicle where the Good News is announced and where each passenger will joyfully follow his way.

--- Fr. Eduardo Porcheddu, SVD
Posted in the bulletin Eideseis of ARS- April 2019