Divine Word Missionaries are consecrated religious with vows of evangelical poverty, consecrated chastity and apostolic obedience, inspired by the life and the person of Jesus. The SVD Spirituality which we have inherited from our Founder, St. Arnold Janssen, is Trinitarian and missionary because it is rooted in the communion of the Triune God and is a participation in Christ’s mission (G. C. XVI 2006 -1.1# 13).

During the last 18th General Chapter of our Congregation, there was an extraordinary experience of personal and community discernment, based on the Word of God. Reflecting on the Word of God made us aware that our name is our mission.   Now, the process of renewal and transformation continues. The spirit of discernment and openness experienced during the chapter will remain to encourage us in the coming years. As mentioned in the Chapter statement, the process of renewal and transformation could be a long, slow and painful. It is difficult, because this will lead us to question many of our basic attitudes on a personal and community level. We invite all of you to take seriously the challenge that the Chapter launched us to achieve a spiritual renewal and a transformation of our mission.

The following reflection of Fr. Pablo Tagura, former Rector of Christ the King Seminary (Philippines) and currently teaching philosophy there, was delivered on the occasion of the closing of the leadership seminar organized in PHC. His thoughts on leadership provide us a framework to see where we are in our fidelity to the mission entrusted to us.

The following is a reflection of Fr. Jose Luis Corral, the current Provincial of ARS Province and former Novice master of the common novitiate in Asuncion, Paraguay. His reflection is in the context of the celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life as Divine Word Missionaries.

Probably the most significant event marking the Year of Consecrated Life in the Brazilian Church was the Congress of Consecrated Life, organized by the Conference of Religious of Brazil (CRB), in the National Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida from 7th-10th of April 2015.

The following is a reflection of Fr. Thomas Hughes, the coordinator of Biblical Apostolate of BRS. For many years Thomas has been involved in the bible apostolate in different capacities. He was the PANAM Coordinator of Biblical Apostolate from 2002-2008. He hails from Dublin, Ireland and has been assigned to BRS since 1970.

Interculturality is a central part of our Arnoldus inheritance from the founding generation. In some ways, we can consider interculturality as the fifth characteristic dimension of our SVD life and work.

From the missionary agenda of Pope Francis one can derive the right attitude towards the peripheries, an intrinsic subject of Christian theology.

In some provinces/regions and missions in the Society, for the triennium 2014-2017, new superiors and councilors are assuming their role of leadership for the first time. They are commissioned with the noble task to interact, dialogue and collaborate with the 6,000 SVD members working in 76 countries.

One of the Congregational Directions concerns our mission through education and research institutions (IDW 11: 14-15). It calls on the provinces, regions, and missions that choose this as one of their priorities ad extra to “evaluate their education policies, institutions and programs with a special concern for the Catholic character of the institution, social justice and interculturality.”