Divine Word Missionaries are consecrated religious with vows of evangelical poverty, consecrated chastity and apostolic obedience, inspired by the life and the person of Jesus. The SVD Spirituality which we have inherited from our Founder, St. Arnold Janssen, is Trinitarian and missionary because it is rooted in the communion of the Triune God and is a participation in Christ’s mission (G. C. XVI 2006 -1.1# 13).

During the last 18th General Chapter of our Congregation, there was an extraordinary experience of personal and community discernment, based on the Word of God. Reflecting on the Word of God made us aware that our name is our mission.   Now, the process of renewal and transformation continues. The spirit of discernment and openness experienced during the chapter will remain to encourage us in the coming years. As mentioned in the Chapter statement, the process of renewal and transformation could be a long, slow and painful. It is difficult, because this will lead us to question many of our basic attitudes on a personal and community level. We invite all of you to take seriously the challenge that the Chapter launched us to achieve a spiritual renewal and a transformation of our mission.

Ten years ago, we celebrated with great joy the canonization of our saints Arnold Janssen and Joseph F r e i n a d e m e t z . Today, we want to recall anew the deep faith reflected in their lives and their
commitment to mission among the poor and the une v a n g e l i z e d .

Brother Alphonse Berger svd sent us this article, written by a Colombian Claretian, Gonzalo M. de la Torre Guerrero, who is lecturing on Sacred Scriptures in Quibdó, Colombia. Despite its extension, it can be inspirational for our missionary work, in particular, when dealing with people from other cultures.

The notion of "Missio Dei" implies for us, Divine Word Missionaries, four necessary conversions in regard to our life style and mission. Fr. Antonio Pernia try to highlight the main challenge of each of these four conversions, as well as the resources available to us, as religious and missionaries to respond to these challenges.

What does “mission work” actually mean for the Church in this day and age? We know that our mission as followers of the Divine Word means that we give witness to God’s love, and to the inclusiveness of the Reign of God proclaimed by Jesus. But how do we give this witness in our contemporary context?

Prayer is the support of our missionary life and the daily sacrifices, the strenght of our pastoral. Both of them are essential for a successful missionary life because enable us to behave in harmony with God's plan.

We want to share some thoughts on how to be better protagonists in the development of the global economic system serving the needs of each and everyone, especially those who are at risk. We will make these reflections in terms of solidarity, transparency and accountability.​

Fr. General Anthony Pernia spoke to the participants of the PANAM zonal Assembly 2011, about Leadership in intercultural communities. In his lecture, Fr. Anthony highlighted the need for us, Divine Word Missionaries, to have three basic attitudes in this service: (1) Be a promoter of diversity, (2) Be a mediator in conflicts, and (3) Be custodian of the unity.