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When seminarian Akizou Kamina SVD was sent to the Amazon to help the Brazilian people of Humaita, he quickly saw the tremendous poverty and instability of their lives.

Many parents are unable to provide an education, or even a decent meal, for their children. Many young people are stripped of their sense of worth by poverty.

As a result, these young people end up on the streets, filled with despair and engaging in criminal activity. In response, we created the St. Arnold Music Project — a program that keeps kids off the street by teaching them to play an instrument and empowering them to create something meaningful.

The program provides music classes to the youth while offering them access to guidance counselors, social workers, and many other positive influences. It has created a safe space for young people to learn, talk, and to build meaningful relationships.

Instead of running with gangs, doing drugs, or remaining stuck in abusive situations, young people are making friends with each other and discovering healing resources while learning to play music.

The program started by offering guitar classes, but it is quickly growing and the community is running out of funds to help reach more young people.

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