As Divine Word Missionaries we are today 6,500 in the world, working in the missionary vanguard of the Church in 60 countries , mainly in places where they do not know the Gospel or among the neediest communities. But, in a particular way, we have been present in the American continent for the last 120 years, evangelizing in a way very close to the daily realities of men and women of this land. Here 1,300 Divine Word Missionaries live and work in international and multicultural communities, sharing with peoples our charism and mission in 15 different countries throughout the continent.

Our Society has grown into a huge tree in whose shade hundreds of thousands of people find refuge in Argentina, Brazil (BRC - BRN - BRA - BRS), Bolivia, Canadá, Centroamerica, Colombia, Ecuador , USA (USC - USS - USW), Paraguay, Chile y México. To all these people we propose to transform this continent into a more just, fraternal and sharing society, into the Kingdom proclaimed by Jesus of Nazareth. We make this Zonal committee with full knowledge that it challenges us to continue our dialogue in the midst of our own tensions and conflicts and in the midst of the tensions and conflicts of cultures in which we live, in order to give witness to the values of the Reign of God here and now.

The Western Province celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. In 1964, the province began with 38 priests and 7 Brothers. The ministry sites for the new province included Verbum Dei High School, St. Leo parish and the SVD Mission Office all in Los Angeles.

The Jubilee Celebration of the 50 years of SVD presence in the Province of Mexico-Cuba gathered the SVD Family from January 15-17, 2013 in the Parish of San Antonio de Padua in Mexico City.

With a retreat and a Provincial Chapter, our confreres of Colombia began the celebrations of 50th anniversary of the arrival of the SVD missionaries to this blessed land. The theme of the retreat was "Dialogue, Reconciliation and Forgiveness" and involving virtually all the confreres of the province, both in retirement and in the chapter.

Two of our SVD pioneers in the new mission of Maracaibo (Venezuela), present to us the main challenges of this particular mission. Welcome to Maracaibo, which means “the land by the sun loved”!

The Divine Word Missionaries are going to celebrate 25 years of presence in Cuba. With limited resources and no pastoral structures, the beginnings were not easy for the SVD pioneers. There were so many needs and they couldn't do much, but very soon, they discovered an effective tool for their mission: the Bible.

Vivat International is an NGO founded by seven Catholic missionary congregations to defend human rights, justice and peace inside the U.N. This year, VIVAT made important contributions to the Sustainable Development Assembly (CDS) and this article attempts to help us to understand the scope of this new mission field that lies before us.​

The Divine Word Bookstore and our Biblical Center in Santiago, hosted a series of inter-religious meetings for Peace - in the schedule of the conferences "Dialogue 2010" as an initiative to promote inter-religious dialogue in Chile. Only God is able to make us to approach each other, even though we belong to different religions.

The Central American region (CAM) composed by Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, it is a young region that in six years of existence, has made big steps of growth. We interrogated two confreres who work in Costa Rica, the most recent district of the region, to know how the SVD mission develops itself in this country.