As Divine Word Missionaries we are today 6,500 in the world, working in the missionary vanguard of the Church in 60 countries , mainly in places where they do not know the Gospel or among the neediest communities. But, in a particular way, we have been present in the American continent for the last 120 years, evangelizing in a way very close to the daily realities of men and women of this land. Here 1,300 Divine Word Missionaries live and work in international and multicultural communities, sharing with peoples our charism and mission in 15 different countries throughout the continent.

Our Society has grown into a huge tree in whose shade hundreds of thousands of people find refuge in Argentina, Brazil (BRC - BRN - BRA - BRS), Bolivia, Canadá, Centroamerica, Colombia, Ecuador , USA (USC - USS - USW), Paraguay, Chile y México. To all these people we propose to transform this continent into a more just, fraternal and sharing society, into the Kingdom proclaimed by Jesus of Nazareth. We make this Zonal committee with full knowledge that it challenges us to continue our dialogue in the midst of our own tensions and conflicts and in the midst of the tensions and conflicts of cultures in which we live, in order to give witness to the values of the Reign of God here and now.

On January 15, 2012, our confreres in Mexico began officially to celebrate the Jubilee of the 50th Anniversary of the SVD presence in Mexican territory. In different places where we work, there were events, activities and celebrations of Thanksgiving with the people of God. Here we publish some of those events, according to information published in the Provincial newsletter.​

In recent years, the SVD presence in the Caribbean has grown and has been consolidated in an amazing way. Ed Herberger and Tony Jeroncic, put the district in a picture showing us how we got there and what we are doing now.​

Joachim Andrade svd describes the presence of SVD in South Brazil, with its activities and projects.​

In the 90’s, Fr. Sergio Bertram worked as a missionary in Cuba for almost ten years. In 2007, he went back to the island and experienced the joy of meeting friends and communities again. But he also had to adapt to the new changes the Cuban Church and the people had recently gone through. We asked Sergio what is the Church and the mission in Cuba like?​

Carlos Salcedo explains that today what most characterizes the SVD presence in Mexico is the pastoral work in the indigenous world. This implies big challenges such as inculturation, language study and pastoral creativity.

Jorge Figura svd, Director of the ManaguaBibleCenter and District Superior, give us a general picture of the SVD District of Nicaragua.​