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On Mission Sunday, last October 28, 2018, members from the six parishes we serve gathered to celebrate 25 years of the encounter of the Divine Word Missionaries with the people of Jamaica.

The celebration began with a power point presentation remembering and observing some of the highlights over the past 25 years. Archbishop Emeritus Donald Reece was the principal Celebrant and was named an “Honorary SVD”.

Archbishop Reece's leadership made the partnership between the Divine Word Missionaries and the people of Jamaica possible. He involved the missionaries in his administration and in parish life. Together, they have responded to the needs of the poor and marginalized for two and a half decades.

We were blessed to have celebrating with us, our four SSpS and Michael Hutchins, the Vice Provincial representing the Chicago Province. Over the 25 years, seventeen Divine Word Missionaries were assigned to Jamaica plus ten CTP/OTP Students.

Father Hutchins was joined at the celebration by Divine Word Bernard Latus, Robert Ratajczak and me, Brother Bernie Spitzley.

Congratulations and gratitude to all in Jamaica who have help people of all faiths and backgrounds better know the love of God and create a better future. Thanks to Fr. Latus for the photos.

--- Br. Bernie Spitzley, SVD

Posted at: http://www.divineword.org