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Father Jean-Paul Komi Sikpe, SVD and Brother Simao Pedro de Souza Rego, SVD arrived in Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana in October 2018 to establish a new mission there.

The following account is from Bro. Simao Pedro: The day after our arrival we were introduced to the cathedral and started getting to know the area where the chapel of Saint Martin de Porres is located.

In the neighborhoods around the chapel, the residents are mostly immigrants from elsewhere in South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Most are in the country illegally and do not speak French, while others understand little.

We spent five months visiting with the laity and preparing them for the future creation of the new parish, which took place in March 2019. Now, organizing lay groups that help us with pastoral work and administration of the parish begins.

The pastoral work will require us to take into account the diverse cultures, customs, languages, and ways of practicing Catholicism. The biggest challenges we face are serving immigrants who are left to fend for themselves and without ties that keep them in the faith, as well as catechism with children and young people of various languages and cultures.

--- BRA Website posted in USC Mission Center Facebook