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The dangerous and deplorable situation of the economically stricken country of Venezuela brings us to wonder about the situation of our confreres working in two poor parishes in the Maracaibo area namely, Parroquia Eclesiástica de San Isidro and  Parroquia Santisimo Sacramento.

Four confreres are working in these parishes: Father Jaime Zuluaga who arrived recently, Fr. Yohanes Krisostomus Nak Mau who is currently on vacation in Indonesia, Bro. Renato Parmagnani, and Fr Piotr Karolewski.

As the whole nation sinks into an unprecedented and uncontrollable situation our confreres journey with their suffering parishioners.

Contact and support for our confreres

The Generalate Administration, through General Councilor Arlindo Dias, followed closely the development of events in Venezuela and the situation of our confreres. The Provincial of COL, Emigdio Pino was contacted and initial information reveals the big challenges and tensions our confreres are facing. Fr. Pino contacted our confreres Jaime and Piotr to get an assessment of the situation. He also plans to visit the country during the month of May. Just as for the majority of the population, there is a problem in acquiring food and other basic commodities.

Our confreres facing the ordeal but remaining steadfast. The events, painful as they are for the people and our confreres, have caused insecurity because of so many injustices.

Father Piotr, expressed in his letter, “Our confreres are aware that such a situation does not strengthen in any way our SVD presence as we have envisioned and dreamed about. But the support, moral and spiritual, of every member of our Society signals the advent of hope and upliftment of our spirits”.

A call, a note, or a pat on the back from a distance mean a lot. In this tension filled situation there is always that wish that confreres in such predicaments are well seasoned and experienced. The last thing that we want to happen is to ruin the spirits of young and less experienced confreres because they cannot cope with what is happening around them.

To Piotr, Jaime, Renato and Yohanes, our prayers are with you and from a distance you are closer to us than you can imagine. Father General and his council ask all the members of the Society to pray for our confreres. We ask the Lord of the missions   to help our confreres stay firm in the Divine Word.

--- Fr. Sonny de Rivera- based on reports and information

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Published in the newsletter “Arnoldus Nota”- May 2017