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The PANAM zone is subdivided into sub-zones. For instance, the sub-zone Brazil. Every three years a Sub-zonal Assembly takes place and this year was carried out from the 16 to the 18 of November in the Regional House of Santarém, in the Amazon region.

The PANAM zone or Pan-American zone includes all the SVD missionaries working in the Americas and the Caribbean. As we have said, the Panam zone is organized into sub-zones to better organize the life and activities of the SVD missionaries. Brazil, due to its geographical extension, is a sub-zone made up of three provinces: Brasil Sur (BRS), Brazil Centro (BRC), Brasil Norte (BRN) and Amazonia Region (BRA).

The Provincial Superiors (BRS, BRC, BRN) and the regional BRA, the Dimensions and Formation Coordinators as well as representatives of Brothers were represented at this sub-zonal meeting. Also was present was the zonal coordinator, Fr. Marcelo Cattaneo.
In the agenda of those days, issues of interest for the SVD mission in Brazil (the SVD is present in 13 states) were discussed. In addition to assessing the path taken in the last three years, other aspects of missionary action were discussed and the Assembly sent three priorities to the sub-zone:
- The Profile of an SVD parish;
- The SVD Formation: Perspectives and Challenges (SVD Vocational Year will take place from October 2016 to September 2017)
- The Spirituality of the Incarnation, as a way to return to the source, that impels us in our life and mission.
In this encounter, marked by a joyful fraternity and being blessed by the waters of the rivers Tapajós and Amazonas that are in front of the city of Santarém, two rivers that become a single river that flows into the sea, this manifests the desire of the SVD mission to be a sub-zone in movement, always advancing towards our teacher, Jesus, the Incarnate Word, who placed his abode among us and assumed our humanity. In the words of Fr. Omir: "Let us be open to the challenges of our sub-zone, which invite us to experience in our walk the life and mission of the Incarnate Word.

Note and photos: Fr Omir Cicero
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