Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) is an international catholic community of religious missionaries, brothers and priests , all with a common calling from Jesus to announce the Good News to all nations, preferably in those places where the Gospel is still unknown or where the local church is not yet viable.

Our Society was founded by Saint Arnold Janssen ,on Sept. 8th, 1875 in the small Dutch town of Steyl ,a short distance from the German border. Today we are 6,500 missionaries located in 70 different countries, distributed in four main mission zones: AFRAM (Africa), ASPAC (Asia-Pacific), EUROPE and PANAM (Americas and the Caribbean). The “Pan-American Zone” or “PANAM Zone” encompass all our missionaries and lay collaborators who live and work in the Americas. The images, articles and videos of this Website seek to portray the life and activities of the Divine Word Missionaries in the Americas. Our teacher is Jesus, the Incarnate Word, who pitched his tent among us and took our humanity. His Life is our life. His mission is our mission.

The General Visitations (August 2014 – September 2015) have brought to the forefront the reality of the American Continent, its treasures and its poverties, its strengths and its weaknesses.

Few days before the Workshop on Characteristic Dimensions of our PANAM Zone (Quito - 18 to 23 February, 2016), the Zonal Coordinator, Marcelo Cattaneo makes a brief balance and wished to the confreres who will participate a good meeting that results in benefits and new initiatives in our different provinces.

In August 2015, Fr. Heinz Kulüke, General Coordinator of the congregation of Divine Word missionaries, visited the province of Chile. Fr. Heinz also visited several provinces in the PANAM zone with the intention to better understand the reality of our missionaries.

In the city of Medellin, on the third day of November 2014, the PANAM Zonal Committee met. Fr. Emigdio, Superior Provincial of Colombia, welcomes our confreres.

It was held on July 14 to 16, 2015 in the SSpSAP convent of Divine Love in Cordoba, Argentine. Eleven confreres participated, being accompanied by the provincial José Luis Corral, svd and the Jesuit Juan Carlos Juárez, sj.

Fr. Jose Luis Corral, the provincial of ARS, wrote this inspiring reflection on the 125th year of the missionary journey of the Divine Word Missionaries in Argentina.

On September 13, many Divine Word Missionaries gathered in the Shrine of Our Lady, the Virgen Mary, in Aparecida, Brazil to celebrate the 120 years of the presence of this missionary congregation in Brazil.

Marcelo Cattanéo svd, is our new Zonal Coordinator PANAM and share with us his experience of the recent meeting of Provincials and Formators of the South & Andina subzones. We have also the agenda for the next Panam meetings.