Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) is an international catholic community of religious missionaries, brothers and priests , all with a common calling from Jesus to announce the Good News to all nations, preferably in those places where the Gospel is still unknown or where the local church is not yet viable.

Our Society was founded by Saint Arnold Janssen ,on Sept. 8th, 1875 in the small Dutch town of Steyl ,a short distance from the German border. Today we are 6,500 missionaries located in 70 different countries, distributed in four main mission zones: AFRAM (Africa), ASPAC (Asia-Pacific), EUROPE and PANAM (Americas and the Caribbean). The “Pan-American Zone” or “PANAM Zone” encompass all our missionaries and lay collaborators who live and work in the Americas. The images, articles and videos of this Website seek to portray the life and activities of the Divine Word Missionaries in the Americas. Our teacher is Jesus, the Incarnate Word, who pitched his tent among us and took our humanity. His Life is our life. His mission is our mission.

The zonal Assembly was held at the foot of the Andes in Santiago de Chile on April 3 to 9, 2011. The 16 provinces and regions of the Americas were represented by their superiors recently elected, along with the coordinators of dimensions and areas. The theme of leadership in multicultural communities was also deepened and a new zonal committee was elected.​

64 confreres from 17 different nationalities met in Quito, Ecuador, from 6 to 12 February for the first meeting of the four SVD Characteristic Dimensions: Bible, JPIC, Mission and Communication.​

An interview with the Catholic Weekly of Sydney-Australia in 2003, made this presentation of our new Superior General, Fr Kuluke.

Called by the Divine Word, we come from diverse nations and cultures. As members of an international missionary community, we recognize and accept one another in our diversity.

In a veritable melting pot of races and nationalities, 47 confreres of 19 different nationalities, working in 13 provinces or regions of the Zone, lived during two weeks areal experience of prophetic dialogue.​