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Fr. Reynaldo Rodrigo Roman Diaz SVD is from Mexico, and is working in Caritas Vicenza to help the refugees to settle down in Vicenza, norther part of Italy.

He says that Caritas Vicenza previously provided housing for asylum seekers and refugees in collaboration with the municipality. It was this experience that gave us the tools, knowledge and contacts to begin our involvement in the humanitarian corridor sponsorship program. Being organized and funded by the church, the humanitarian corridors sponsorship program works differently in that housing is not arranged by the municipality. We instead launch a call to parishes that are interested in welcoming sponsored families or groups of people who need a place to start their lives over, and plan the accommodation based on that interest.

Volunteers help beneficiaries to learn the language, integrate into the daily life of their new community and assist them in finding employment. Before securing accommodation for beneficiaries, we contact all parishes and vicars to check their interest in receiving a refugee family or group.  Currently, Caritas Vicenza is responsible for four apartments housing 16 beneficiaries of the program, and works with a group of 40 active volunteers.

Read the complete interview to Fr. Rey on this link

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