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The "Mother Teresa of Calcutta" Youth Home has seven houses. The first House was founded in February 1988 by Bishop Jorge Novak SVD- first Bishop of Quilmes.

The Missionaries of the Divine Word, we have assumed since February 22, 2001, the responsibility of educating and accompanying these young adolescents with judicial cases. The boys reside in the Home by order of the Zonal Service for the Promotion and Protection of Children's Rights of the Argentine Justice. Basically, due to situations of total orphanhood or functional orphanhood because their parents are detained, are psychiatric patients, or because they were victims of mistreatment or abuse in their own families.

On Friday March 20, the quarantine (decree of Social Isolation) found us in our usual dynamics and I had to assume the quarantine with 11 young people in the Home for men in Quilmes, Argentina.

We immediately agreed to a quarantine “routine”. In the mornings we all collaborate with house chores, food and home maintenance, in the afternoon we had to do school chores, then sports and the end of the day with board games and movies.  There is a good climate of coexistence. Purchases are made for all Homes in common. We were able to foresee some necessary things and thanks to this and some contributions to support the different Homes.

On Easter day, we celebrate the anniversary of the Home every year. This year was an unusual day because every house lighted a candle as a sign that we are in communion and united by service and we celebrated together a liturgy for the 32 years of the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Home!
Thank you and God bless us all!

Brother Victor Hirch, svd
Published in the ARS Provincial “Enraizados” (Rooted) bulletin - April 2020