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The Third Annual SVD Youth Day Conference was held at Holy Ghost Catholic Churchin Opelousas, Louisiana on September 28, 2019. The theme for this conference was “Proud to be a Catholic.”

It was a one-day event capturing the attention of the youth who traveled as far as the state of Florida, along with Mississippi, Texas, and surrounding parishes in Louisiana, getting them to really think about why they are Catholic.

The keynote speaker, Rev. Adam McDonald, SVD, gave an inspiring presentation to include reasons why the youth should embrace their Catholic faith. The guest speaker, Miss. Shanna Dorion, kept the youth enthusiastic as she briefly shared her life experience and challenges she encountered because of the decisions she made as a youth.

At the beginning, Fr. Stanislaus Lazar, Generalate Mission Secretary, greeted the youth and encouraged them to dream for the future. The choir director and members led the youth in praise and worship throughout the day as they sang beautiful hymns of joy.  They also engaged in praise and worship during the beautiful Mass celebration. The youth were blessed with a magic show performed by Rev. Joseph Chau, SVD. The conference concluded with fun activities, including music, games, snacks, etc., that were prepared by the Youth Director.

--- Rofinus Jas, SVD

Published in the newsletter “Arnoldus Nota” – November 2019