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The one-minute reflection of a verse of the Bible posted on YouTube became a way to inspire with God's Word and connect people. Here is Fr. Cireneu describing what this Word of God journey is all about.

Fr. Cireneu Kuhn, SVD, Director of Verbo Filmes, always embraced the idea that the Word of God illumines and inspires. With their programs now shown on the YouTube channel, an idea came up to connect the confreres and lay people more fully.

As an SVD organization and trying to reach a more diverse audience, Verbo Filmes has made several of its productions available on its YouTube Channel. Until recently, their programs could be viewed only by purchasing them in the form of a DVD.

There are several "Playlists" according to the subject, such as Vocation, Basic Christian Communities, Campaigns of Solidarity, Amazon Synod, among others.  Three playlists are exclusively for the Bible. One consists of a series on biblical archeology, presented by an SVD expert with images shot directly in the Holy Land during two trips for studies. The other two are comprised of several videos co-produced with our Centro Bíblico Verbo.

Recently, Verbo Filmes has been uploading a daily program of about one minute to motivate people to read the Bible. The program features an SVD or a lay missionary reading a verse from the Bible, and in just a few words, he/she shares why he/she has chosen that passage.

They record their reflection using a mobile phone. Verbo Filmes does the final edition inserting some footage to exemplify what is being said. The idea of this program came out about three months ago. Verbo Filmes discussed a way of helping our confreres "to meet each other" in this time that we are so isolated due to the COVID-19.

Sharing the Word of God is an excellent channel to become closer to each other. So, in the beginning, it was done only by the SVDs for the SVDs. This September 2020, we are presenting these one-minute reflections where the sharers are mainly our lay partners. The next step is to motivate our confreres to spread these videos through their contacts on Facebook and WhatsApp. The programs are in Portuguese.  Please go to YouTube: Verbo Filmes; playlist: Palavra que Ilumina.

--- Fr. Cireneu Kuhn, SVD - Director Verbo Filmes

Posted in the newsletter "Arnoldus Nota"- October 2020