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In these days, there was a meme circulating where God and the devil appeared in a dialogue: “the devil said: I am happy because I succeeded to close all the churches. But God answered him: and I am very happy because I made every home a domestic Church!”

This experience of a pandemic never endured, has made us rethink many things and our attitudes. The corona-virus forced us to lock up ourselves in our houses, but at the same time it made us wake up, through social networks, and approach many homes where we had not previously arrived.

This virus took us away from our confinement and brought us closer to the most distant ones. A virus that has made us question how fragile we are in the face of an invisible enemy, but that has brought us closer to God and to the people we love most in our own families.

In our parish of San Pedro Claver de Monteria, Colombia, we have accompanied our community every morning by streaming, through a small reflection of the Gospel, called “Coffee with God and the Eucharist”. There has been a lot of audience and participation, through comments on social networks.

In a way, we could say that Jesus awaked our little SVD community in our housework and day-to-day activities. And Jesus has also aroused our community, because most of our parishioners have obeyed the order of shelter in place, but we have discovered new ways to remain together on social networks.

Fr Juan José and Fr Jaime Zuluaga, SVD

Posted in the newsletter of the SVD-Colombia # 12 - April 2020


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