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The Reflection Guide for Mutual Enrichment in Spirituality is now available at  and

This reflection guide for the Arnoldus family and lay missionary partners is designed to promote appreciation and mutual enrichment for the diverse cultural expressions of spiritualities present among the members of our communities”. It is also "for mutual enrichment in spirituality with lay associates to strengthen our collaboration."

We recommend that this guide be used in our communities and groups. How to use this reflection guide? This can be used by an SVD community or an SSpS community or a group of mission partners, or it can be used for the common activities of the Arnoldus family members.

Depending on the occasion or need, people can choose a sample and follow the steps indicated there or they can adapt it to the local situation. Prayer sessions are encouraged to be held in conjunction with agape to build community life. This guide can also be used with people in local institutions, schools or parishes, depending on the situation. Take advantage and make good use of it!

Published in the bulletin “Arnoldus nota” - February 2021

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Reflection on the 18th GC Stmt - Finance - Nos. 34, 35

In this clip of Spiritual Animation, Fr. Dante Salces Barril, SVD of Central Philippines shares his thoughts about Finances in the Intercultural Living in the context of the Statement of the 18th General Chapter, Nos. 34, 35 (subtítulos en Español)
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Reflection on the “Bridge Builders” in the Intercultural Living

Fr. Marek Vaňuš, SVD General Coordinator for Bible Apostolate shares his thoughts about Bridge Builders in the Intercultural Living in the context of the Statement of the 18th General Chapter, No.33  (click on “CC” for subtitles in Spanish)
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