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Good beginning of the year! After having concluded their novitiate year, young Marcos Ríos, originally from Paraguay and Charles Dias, originally from Jacarei, Brazil, professed their first religious vows in the parish of San Anthony, in the Diocese of Registro, em Juquiá, São Paulo, on January 3, 2021. Marcos shares their joy here.

It reads as follows: “I share with you our joy at having professed our First Vows in the congregation of the Divine Word Missionaries. Today has been an unforgettable day for my colleague Charles and for me, because we have taken one more step in our missionary journey in following Jesus of Nazareth, the Divine Word who became flesh to dwell among us.

Thank God first of all for the grace of our vocation. Although I am a very limited man, He placed His merciful gaze on me and invited me to follow Him, and this brought me much joy and gratitude, as well as a clear commitment to the great love of our good Master.

I also thank the confrontations that have accompanied me and continue to follow me through this process, both those in Paraguay and Brazil. Still a long way to go, but today was the closure of one stage and the beginning of another one in my formation, so I think it's important to thank the people who are part of my walk.

I thank my family for the unconditional support in each moment, they are the ones who give me joy in moments of weakness, always providing me with love and the warmth of family to move forward looking for my biggest happiness.

And to close, my big thanks to the wonderful Santo Antônio parish, where I had the opportunity to meet amazing communities of faith and kind people who very soon became a family for me. I promise not to forget you and I simply ask that you please don't forget this humble servant of the Lord, I pray for you to God ′′ to all be one, like you, O Father, you are in me, and I am in you ′′ Jo 21.

God bless you all and live the Heart of Jesus in the hearts of all people!

Marcos Rios, SVD

Posted on PANAM FB page.

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