The SVD Education is a mission of prophetic dialogue and we are called to commit ourselves to education, which is a matter of words given and received, taught and learned, accepted and lived and a shared commitment as an attitude of missionary service (XVI General Chapter of the Congregation of the Divine Word, year 2006). The Educational Lines, elaborated by our Educational Coordination teams, will determine the objectives, the charisma, the identity of our schools and the profile of the teachers and students who work and are trained in them. Throughout the teaching process, an approach of an integral cultural and Christian vision should be presented to the students, which guides them toward the synthesis of faith-culture, faith-science and faith-life with a Christian conception of the world, of humankind and life.
The pastoral and pedagogical motto for the animation of the SVD Education during the year 2019 in the Southern Cone of Latin America is: "Rooted in the Word, committed in its Mission". An expression, coined in the last XVIII General Chapter of the Congregation of the Divine Word, held in June 2018, which expresses the "spirituality" of our religious family. As a Congregation, we commit ourselves to the pedagogical, evangelizing and missionary action of our schools. We hope that all the members of our educational communities assume these lines as their own and that, with their commitment and testimony, make them life.

The Educational Coordination Team of the Missionaries of the Divine Word, in South Argentina (ARS), gathered in Stella Maris, province of Entre Ríos, on February 14 and 15, 2019, adopted as pastoral & pedagogical motto 2019 for the animation of the Education: "Rooted in the Word, committed to its Mission".

The Missionaries of the Divine Word of CAM gave a cordial welcome to those coming to Panama for WYD 2019.

Listening to the young people can reinforce us SVDs in our ministry to and with them.

This SVD Education meeting was held in the Spirituality Center Our Lady of Fatima in Misiones, Argentina, from 26 to 28 October, 2017.

On July 27, 1917, Fathers Federico Vogt and Antonio Ernt signed the deed of acquisition of a 17-hectare site. Ten days after the signing, the SVD Brothers Felipe Schmitz and Jorge Rüttershoff arrived at the villa. Dr. Calzada himself came to greet them on arrival at the station.

The two boarding schools that comprise the internship administered by the SVD in San Ignacio de Velasco had their first graduates: two boys from Estancia San Jose and two girls from Casa Guadalupe.

On April 15, 2016, the students of the technical school Lotte Salzgeber of San Ignacio de Velasco, Bolivia exhibited their work.

Students, teachers, assistants and pastoral agents of the SVD schools participated in the winter missions 2015.