First evangelization is the main commitment of our missionary activity. Frontier missions, demanding because of climate, distance or socio-cultural conditions, which require an adequate grounding in the culture, languages and customs, are our priority. Moreover, our service does not end with the stage of initial evangelization, but rather we also feel called to accompany the communities in their growth until they can take care of themselves, producing their own lay evangelizers.

In the Parish pastoral ministry we give preference to working in rural areas and marginalized urban sectors, where we emphasize the formation of basic communities (CEBs) and creating missionary awareness among the Christians, in order to give to our parishes a characteristic SVD profile.

The Catechetical Center Fr. Mauro Baptista, SVD is located in Manoel de Oliveira, Vila das Belezas in São Paulo.

Father Mario Barranco, SVD considers his ministry with the indigenous Mayan tribe in Chiapas a blessing and a privilege.

July 30 was the day dedicated to the SVD Characteristic Dimensions at the parish of Nuestra Señora de Las Lajas, Guasmo Sur.

The Generalate authorized and supported the plan of Sub-Zone Brazil to launch the 2017 Missionary Campaign in favor of the House of Refugees in Salto de Agua-Chiapas, Mexico.

Brisbane’s two parishes run by the Divine Word Missionaries in Australia, hold the key to attaining world peace, the congregation’s superior general Fr Heinz Kuluke says.

Bro. Joachim Mnich, SVD, works in the province of MEX. In an interview with a local radio station he shared about the work of confreres with migrants in Salto de Agua, Chiapas, in the south of Mexico.

The SVD district of Cuba has just celebrated 30 years of pastoral presence on the island.

Porto Rolim de Moura de Guaporé is the name of an island surrounded by two streams of rivers, the Rio Meqéum and the Rio Guaporé, at the heart of Amazon, near the border between Brazil and Bolívia.