As a religious order, the Congregation of the Divine Word places a strong emphasis on community life as training for the cross-cultural way. Young candidates who aspire to become Divine Word Missionaries, live, study and pray in international and multi-cultural communities. Through the various stages of their formation: College, Novitiate, studies of Philosophy and Theology and the year of pastoral experience, they grow in the SVD spirituality and profess vows of consecrated chastity, evangelical poverty and apostolic obedience, choosing between being an SVD brother or priest. In the case of Brothers, after their spiritual and pastoral formation, they study specific careers related to the missionary tasks they will undertake. However, all SVD brothers and priests must be willing to learn new languages and cultures and remain open to leave their home country and serve in another part of the world where our Society requires their services. Making the best possible use of their particular talents, all are called to fulfill their ministry as priest, educator, administrator, etc. developing their talents and working side by side with the people they serve.

Three young confreres were ordained to priesthood on May 28, 2016 at the Holy Spirit Chapel, Techny. 

Some participants of the recent meeting of Formators share more details at about the subject and the experience of the fraternal encounter.

On Friday, January 6, 2017, seven new novices entered in the PANAM Common Novitiate of San Rafael, Lambare, Paraguay.

Our SVD aspirants in Guadalajara and the novices in Oaxaca have put into practice the SVD priority of reaching out to migrants and refugees.

A Reflection on Intercultural Living

Our commitment to the Education and Formation of missionaries is nearly as old as our presence in North America. What is the current situation of SVD Formation?

Marco Antonio de Miranda is a SVD seminarian from Brazil who is doing at present his OTP experience in Hungary. Here he shares with us his missionary experience.

Wilken Fevrier is originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and entered formation for the Divine Word Missionaries at Divine Word College in Epworth, Iowa, in August 2013. He graduated with a BA Degree in Philosophy in May 2018 and is now a novice at the Divine Word Novitiate in Techny, Illinois. Here he shares about his vocation.