As Divine Word Missionaries we are today 6,500 in the world, working in the missionary vanguard of the Church in 60 countries , mainly in places where they do not know the Gospel or among the neediest communities. But, in a particular way, we have been present in the American continent for the last 120 years, evangelizing in a way very close to the daily realities of men and women of this land. Here 1,300 Divine Word Missionaries live and work in international and multicultural communities, sharing with peoples our charism and mission in 15 different countries throughout the continent.

Our Society has grown into a huge tree in whose shade hundreds of thousands of people find refuge in Argentina, Brazil (BRC - BRN - BRA - BRS), Bolivia, Canadá, Centroamerica, Colombia, Ecuador , USA (USC - USS - USW), Paraguay, Chile y México. To all these people we propose to transform this continent into a more just, fraternal and sharing society, into the Kingdom proclaimed by Jesus of Nazareth. We make this Zonal committee with full knowledge that it challenges us to continue our dialogue in the midst of our own tensions and conflicts and in the midst of the tensions and conflicts of cultures in which we live, in order to give witness to the values of the Reign of God here and now.

The recent USC newsletter gave an overview of Father Superior General’s visit.  Fr. Heinz Kulüke spent ten busy days in the Chicago Province from November 28 – December 7.

Our Superior General visited the Amazon Region from August 31 to September 10, 2016. With a program well lined up and scheduled by the Regional Leadership Team, Father General was able to maximize his visits to far-flung areas, meeting with our confreres in their places of work and connecting with active lay leaders and parishioners.

The PANAM zone is subdivided into sub-zones. For instance, the sub-zone Brazil. Every three years a Sub-zonal Assembly takes place and this year was carried out from the 16 to the 18 of November in the Regional House of Santarém, in the Amazon region.

From October 10th to the 16th Father General visited the Caribbean District of the USC Province. The following are some of Father General’s recollections and impressions of his visit.

The dangerous and deplorable situation of the economically stricken country of Venezuela brings us to wonder about the situation of our confreres working in two poor parishes in the Maracaibo area namely, Parroquia Eclesiástica de San Isidro and  Parroquia Santisimo Sacramento.

One of our missionaries in Venezuela, Piotr Karolewski, SVD, thanked us for the messages of encouragement and hope sent during the recent campaign of support of our SVD missionaries in Venezuela. In addition, Piotr sends us a clear report of the current situation.

Jorge Faliszek, SVD was recently appointed Director of the National Mission Office in Argentina. He explains to us what that function consists of.

It was October 1973 when the first Divine Word Missionaries arrived in Appalachia. It was intended to be a place where missionaries returning from overseas could continue a valuable sacramental and social ministry in rural small towns.